Idrosilex Pronto
Osmotic cementitious mortar suitable for contact with drinking water, for waterproofing masonry and conctere structures
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Total waterproofing solutions
Waterproofing solutions
We are a multi disciplined contractor with divisions specialising in the design, supply and installation of roof and wall cladding and water containment systems.

We believe in strong customer focus, and work closely with clients to help provide value engineering solutions, develop design details and programmes to ensure projects run as smoothly and as cost effectively as possible.
Our Products

Mapefill GP
General purpose non-shirink grout
Two - component cementitious mortar flexible down to -20C, for waterproofing balconies, terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools
Davco K11 Flex
Davco K11 Flex is a flexible 2-part acrylic-modified cementitious waterproofing system. The 2-components of Davco K11 Flex react chemically after mixing to form a hard and elastic film which bonds tenaciously to most concrete or masonry substrate to protect against possible ingress of water.

The application of Davco K11 Flex requires the surface to be saturated or wetted down prior to its application. This make Davco K11 Flex a practical and ideal product for waterproofing in damp conditions such as basement, wet areas and external areas of most sites where the surface has to be pre-washed prior to applying any waterproofing system. In external areas, application of Davco K11 Flex is not affected by change in weather conditions.

Hotline - 0772857089
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